Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Aim At Bull's Eye...

The Height of Haiku Challenge.. Day 22

Prompt: Bull's Eye

An aim at Bull’s Eye
Fetches a reward; hurt bull
Comes after me, aaaaw….


Funfair Shooting stall
Ant asks Eleph, “ Why Bull’s eye,
Why not yours, tell me?”

Confused Eleph
Says innocently, “Don’t know,
Never went to school”


RS : )


  1. Love them as the question of the ant to the always amuse me!!

  2. He he he !! Now I know the reason behind
    'Dumbo The Elephant' :D

  3. Well, Judy, I have edited.. I think now no confusions..

  4. Crumbs, I don't fancy that hurt bull chasing me!

    Fun, fun, FUN!!

  5. All three are terrific, Ramesh, and Ant's question is a good one. Now I'm curious and must Google...

  6. Confused Eleph
    Says innocently, “Don’t know,
    Never went to school”

    going back to school
    in animal husbandry
    to be good husband

  7. Ramesh, a touch of humour is your speciality. Thanks for sharing!

    kaykuala aka Hank


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